Mid-sized rotary screw compressors from 18 to 110 kW

For us, a compressed air supply using rotary screw compressors represents the centrepiece of your production process. Our ASD, BSD, CSD and CSD(X) series ensure a dependable compressed air supply for your processes with unprecedented levels of efficiency.  These systems are perfect team players that can be integrated into existing control systems via the SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0.

Technical datasheet

  • Base model
  • with refrigeration dryer for high compressed air quality: T model
  • with variable-speed drive for optimum efficiency and a broad control range: SFC model
  • with synchronous reluctance motor: Significantly greater efficiency – especially in the partial load range – than comparable asynchronous systems enables considerable energy savings.
  • Complete systems with integrated refrigeration dryer and variable-speed drive: T SFC models