Large rotary screw compressors from 75 to 515 kW

Our oil-injected rotary screw compressors from the DSD to HSD series demonstrate their strengths above all in large-scale industrial operations. When large volumes of compressed air are required for your production processes with high levels of energy efficiency and dependability, then rotary screw compressors up to 500 kW are the perfect choice. The DSD series is optionally available with an add-on dryer, which protects your compressed air lines from corrosion and minimises the risk of damage to the product. All models are available with or without variable-speed drive (SFC).  On the HSD series, two compressors are integrated within a single housing. Both units are equipped complete with airend, SIGMA CONTROL controller and individual cooling system. Due to their high flow rates, they are particularly well suited to applications in the automotive or steel industries.

Technical datasheet

  • Service-friendly design: Every system is designed for easy access to all service- and maintenance-relevant parts from the front side of the unit, which saves time and increases availability.
  • Integrated controller for greater efficiency: The internal SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller precisely matches the power output of a compressor to the respective compressed air demand, thereby coordinating and optimising the interplay between compressed air generation and consumption.
  • Maximum flexibility with minimal space requirement: With the HSD series, two compressors combined within a single enclosure save considerable space as compared to a single compressor unit with the corresponding performance. This system can be optimally adapted to different consumption scenarios, thereby minimising idling periods and increasing efficiency.