Technical datasheet

  • Working height: 12m
  • Platform height: 10m
  • Maximum offset: 6.5m
  • Point of articulation: 5.3m
  • Maximum capacity interior: 230 kg (2 people)
  • Maximum capacity exterior: 230 kg (2 people)
  • Platform dimensions: 1.2 x 0.8cm
  • Overall length: 5.4m
  • Transport length: 4.8m
  • Overall width: 1.35m
  • Overall height: 2m
  • Transport height: 2.6m
  • Rear offset: 0 cm
  • Vertical swing angle of the pendulum: 136° (+ 64 / – 72

The Haulotte HA12 IP electric articulated aerial platform is versatile and ensures the safety of operators. Very flexible, its articulated arm makes it easy to overcome obstacles and reach the most difficult to access work areas. Intended for application in an industrial environment, the HA12 IP electric articulated platform operates indoors and outdoors on stabilized floors.

Additional information

Standard equipments

2 front driving wheels and 2 rear steering wheels
Non-marking solid tires
Sensitive control box
Turret orientation locking pin