Technical datasheet

  • Working height: 31.8m
  • Platform height: 29.8m
  • Maximum offset: 21.6m
  • Point of articulation: 11.35m
  • Work in negative: 5.5m
  • Maximum capacity: 250 kg (2 people)
  • Platform dimensions: 2.44 x 0.91 m
  • Overall length: 11.7m
  • Overall width: 2.53m
  • Folded height: 2.8m
  • Storage/transport length:8.9m
  • Storage/transport height:3.75m
  • Platform rotation angle: 180° (+ 90 / – 90)
  • Vertical swing angle of the pendulum: 140° (+ 70 / – 70)
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The robustness of our range of RTJ articulated platforms allows you to work in the most restrictive environments and cope with the most demanding construction sites. Haulotte’s expertise guarantees you safe work on all its platforms, up to 43m. The HA32 RTJ PRO is equipped with an oscillating axle which adapts the position of the wheels to the irregularities of the terrain for good grip. This model also has 4 steering wheels allowing you to maneuver in small or congested spaces.

Additional information

Standard equipment

Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar 2.0
Universal telematics socket
4-wheel drive and steering
Oscillating front axle for better stability on uneven terrain
2 extendable axles
Proportional controls enhancing comfort of use
4 simultaneous movements for optimal productivity
Differential lock for better off-road capability
High console protection and tool holder in ultra-resistant plastic
Wide modular basket with sliding rail
Electrical outlet in basket 110 V / 220 V