JIB WITH WINCH 3,000/1,200 KG

Jib with integrated winch on attachment which can be folded and configured for two capacities. Fully extended, with length of 4.5 metres, it has a single capacity of 1,200 kg; folded, with 1.6 metre length, it has a dual capacity of 3,000 kg. Winch equipped with rope pressure roller and hydraulic limit switch system for rope raising/lowering.

This attachment is available for RTH, TH ranges and HTH 10.10 model.
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  • Load capacity (closed): 3.000 kg
  • Load capacity (open): 1.200 kg
  • Length (closed): 1.600 mm
  • Length (open): 4.500 mm
  • Cable diameter: 10 mm
  • Single pull cable length: 48 mm
  • Double pull cable length: 25 mm
  • Single pull cable extension rate: 48 m/min
  • Double pull cable extension rate: 24 m/min
  • Automatic attachment recognition: Yes