Agile, robust, easy to use and maintain, STAR vertical masts are designed to cover multiple applications. Equipped with rubber tracks, the STAR 6 Crawler allows operators to cross any terrain to access their work area. Its track system allows the weight to be distributed over a large area. The pressure on the ground is reduced, allowing the machine to operate on sensitive floors: marble, tiles, flooring, etc.

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Technical data

Working height: 5.8m
Platform height: 3.8m
Maximum offset: 0.4 m extension
Maximum capacity: – 200 kg (2 people)
Maximum capacity: – 200 kg (1 person)
Basket dimensions: 0.74m x 1.0m
Basket dimensions: with extension 0.74m x 1.44m
Overall length: 1.44m
Overall width: 0.76m
Folded height: 1.72 m
Wheelbase: 6cm