Optimum 8

Simple, robust and reliable, the OPTIMUM 8 has been designed to allow you to work continuously and thus meet all your requirements in terms of productivity and maintenance. Thanks to its asynchronous motors (AC motors), the OPTIMUM 8 allows you to move with great precision in cluttered spaces. Its extremely tight turning radius (1.50 m) also allows the operator to maneuver in the most confined spaces.

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Technical data

Working height: 7.77m
Platform height: 5.77m
Maximum travel height: 5.77m
Maximum capacity: – interior 230 kg (2 people)
Maximum capacity: – exterior 230 kg (1 person)
Maximum capacity on the extension: 120kg
Platform length: 1.72 m
Extended platform length: 2.59m
Extension length: 0.86m
Extension length: XL (option) 0m
Platform width: 0.74m