Extendable rotating platform with 500 kg maximum capacity, type approved to carry three persons. Galvanised, reinforced steel structure. Non-slip floor covering to ensure the utmost safety when working at height. Platform equipped with overload sensor and rack with a practical anti-shock system which ensures smooth, even rotational movements when stopping and starting movement. Equipped with a practical, efficient extension system allowing you to gain one metre per side. Equipped with practical fork slots for movement during storage. Equipped with a practical winch, 600 kg capacity. This can rotate +/- 90° manually, and lift 0-64°.

The remote control required to use the safety basket must be ordered separately.

This attachment is available for RTH range.

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  • Capacity: 500 kg
  • Width: 1.090 mm
  • Length (closed): 2.350 mm
  • Length (open): 4.530 mm
  • Rotation: +/- 90°
  • Max. no. occupants: 3
  • Jib length: 2.029 mm
  • Winch capacity: 600 kg
  • Winch Rotation: +/- 90°
  • Basculature: 0°/64°
  • Automatic attachment recognition: Yes
  • Cable length: 49 m