BUCKET 850L (4X1)

Bucket used for leveling and dumping by keeping the clamp closed and angling the shovel forward it will dig into the ground and the bucket will start to fill with material. Once the bucket is full we can load it directly into the dumper. The grading function enable the operator to lay out material to a required depth. The depth can be varied by varying travelling speed or how gap the bucket is opened. Use the bucket to pick up materials or objects. Open the bucket and drive it over the object to clamp. Lower the bucket and safe close the bucket.Use the bucket as a bulldozer, you open up the clamp frame fully and by using the shovel frame allows the machine to push material forward a layer at a time.

This attachment is available for RTH and TH range.

For HTH range, it is available for HTH 10.10 model.

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  • Capacity: 850 l
  • Load capacity (level): 550 l
  • Length: 2.400 mm
  • Automatic attachment recognition: Yes