Hand Protection

Safety that’s always on hand. Reduce the risk of hand and arm injuries with high-performance industrial safety gloves and cut-resistant sleeves

Working with sharp objects, heavy machinery, or chemicals exposes workers' hands to serious dangers

Being at the forefront of innovation in personal protective equipment, Honeywell develops solutions that provide optimum protection without compromising customer needs. Choose from Honeywell’s wide range of safety hand gloves – mechanical, cut resistant, chemical, thermal and electrical, ensuring protection, comfort and total adaptability to the workplace.Honeywell’s industrial safety gloves are designed to keep workers safe and efficient when handling all types of surfaces and components of different sizes in various environments. Increase your team’s productivity with durable industrial safety gloves that keep hands and arms protected and comfortable.

Honeywell Protective gloves Cotton/Polyamide Dexgrip Work glove

– Knitted cotton/polyamide grey glove.

– Palm and fingertips coated in blue, crinkled latex for abrasion and perforation resistance as well as excellent grip.

– Conforms snugly and provides good dexterity.

– Cotton thread absorbs perspiration.Ventilated back provides breathability.

– Product emphasized in effective, single-pair packaging designed for a self-service environment..

Honeywell Polytril Mix Safety Work Gloves Nitrile Coating

Knitted glove for a close fit that gives comfort and prevents hand fatigue.
10 gauge glove gives good natural movement and dexterity.
Tight-knit design prevents the ingress of dirt into the glove.
Excellent tactility for handling tasks.

• Ventilated back allows for airflow and user comfort
• Elasticated knit wrist for a secure fit
• Cotton polyamide thread content delivers effective cut protection
• Nitrile coating protects against abrasion injuries.